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We are Better Connected.

Detroit artists and creatives permeate every fiber of the 140 square miles representing a diversity of cultures and disciplines. True to its roots as a city of authenticity and grit, the Motor City is vastly becoming the leading launch pad for innovation and creativity. UAD celebrates the talent within our city and provides a platform for artists and arts organizations to connect with one another.

Arts & Economic Vitality

The arts have helped to create a thriving artistic identity for the city as a bustling hive of do-it-yourself creatives- from DJs to muralists. In order for the cities’ talent to grow alongside the resurgence of new businesses and residents, access to tools and resources for artists are critical.

Industries advancing the arts in Detroit and employing creatives have grown as a whole since the last decade. The two fastest-growing industries were performing arts and musical groups/artists, according to the Evolving Arts Ecosystems, A study of Detroit, 2018.

UAD Brings it All Together.

Artists make our urban cities vibrant and their collective work is enjoyed across all sectors in the region. UAD is an online platform for artists and creatives in various disciplines that bring artists and resources together in one place. Never has it been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for including call for artists, grants, fellowships and artist residencies.

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