COVID-19: Response, Resources & Updates from UAD

published March 27, 2020

Dear Artists,

What a whirlwind we have all been thrown into during this historic month, March 2020.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all flooding with breaking news, information, questions and concerns as we navigate this unprecedented time.  Mass cancellations of events, exhibitions, and performances have overwhelmed once busy schedules, sending many into unknown territory to navigate.

Once this difficult time passes, and the dust settles, we know and believe that our sector will rise to the challenges faced to respond in ways that we have still yet to learn. As the situation currently stands now, United Artists of Detroit is looking ahead, to the extent possible, in exploring the needs that will surely arise out of this seismic cultural change that lay ahead of us. 

As a new organization, UAD believes that we may best serve the arts and cultural sector by providing a platform that offers resources to grants, and financial assistance, in addition to discussing and sharing as a community what we are feeling and experiencing during this challenging time. Please continue to visit our resources page as new opportunities will be posted and updated regularly.

We would like to invite the artist community to share what you’re feeling as a result of being mostly confined during this time, and outline what are your immediate and long-term needs. Please fill out this Form to submit your answers. Your responses will be collected anonymously.

What are your immediate issues or concerns? What challenges are you experiencing?  What resources do you need access to?

For example, Jenenne Whitfield shares: “As an organizer, I find myself in deep meditation about how we as Americans are fiercely competitive, however with this pandemic now in the US, it has seriously leveled the playing field.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you possess- we are all vulnerable to this emergency situation.  People typically underplay the mental and psychological effects of crisis experiences on individuals and artists, so let’s use this tragic real-world opportunity to engage in some ‘real talk’ to create solutions.”  

We are all experiencing a day-by-day approach to surviving this pandemic as a community, city and nation. UAD will continue to prepare and develop the creative sector as the overwhelming sentiment as a result of trying times is that we needed arts and artists more than ever. 

Please sign up to become a United Artist of Detroit member, and become even more connected to Detroit’s resilient and thriving art community.  We are all in this, together.

-United Artists of Detroit, organizing committee members

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