Root of Two

Creative Time + Space at Bank Suey

published November 24, 2019

Artist residencies (also called artists’ communities, colonies, retreats, workspaces, and studio collectives) provide dedicated time and space for creative work.

Some support one artistic genre while most are interdisciplinary, welcoming visual artists, writers, composers, choreographers, scholars and other creative individuals. There are programs that are active centers for public programs and others that offer solitude and retreat. Many provide room and board as a home-away-from-home; others offer not a place to live, but a community of local artists in which to work and be supported in the creation of new art.

At this workshop you’ll hear from: Lisa Hoffman, Executive Director of Alliance of Artists Communities, as well as folks who run artist residency programs locally, nationally, and internationally. You’ll also learn how to find the residency that’s right for you, as well as tips for applying to residency programs.

This workshop is FREE and open to all artists. Registration is required to attend:

Thursday, November 21, 2019
6pm–8pm at Bank Suey
10345 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI 48212

article source: Root of Two eNewsletter