The arts that are
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United Artists of Detroit membership is comprised of an inclusive roster of creatives including Visual Artists, Musicians, Interdisciplinary Artists, Curators, Arts Administrators, Graphic Designers, Textile and Fashion Designers, Printmakers, Filmmakers, Writers, Poets + Spoken Word Artists, Dancers and Performing Artists.


Andy Kopietz

Andrew is the principal of Good Done Daily, a design and strategy studio that works with mission-driven organizations and community impact programs. With over 14 years of experience, his efforts have helped dozens of established and grass-roots leaders build movements, tell stories, and rally for social change.

Ann F

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Armageddon Beachparty

Armageddon Beachparty is the fluid collaboration of the married, Detroit native Artist duo Kozma & Motu (Elena & Aubrey Smyth | b. 1990). Creating Contemporary Pop Surrealist Art together since 2013, their work often explores ancient cultural & spiritual beliefs from around the world as well as the realms of...


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Chanel Beebe is a creative artist, writer, and educator who designs, implements and conducts research on S.T.E.A.M. programming. Chanel’s current projects investigate how non-engineers at various S.T.E.A.M. programming sites make sense of their experience and exhibit evidence of systems thinking. Chanel has a strong...

Birgit Huttemann-Holz

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Brandon Walley

Brandon Walley is a filmmaker and curator based in Detroit, Michigan. He creates 16mm, Super 8mm, and digital films that explore the abstractions between humanity, ecology, industry, and technology. For over a decade, his films have been screened widely in festivals, museums, and cinematheques including Kunsthaus Graz (Austria), Strangloscope (Brazil),...

Chyna Jones

Fluff Punk is an independent freelance art business that makes art for the inner weird art kid in us all. Started by Chyna Jones, a self proclaimed “weirdo”, Fluff Punk operates in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, a hot spot for urban creatives much like herself. Fluff Punk specializes in...

Colibri Harris

I’m an African American Detroit artist with a passion for creating works that highlight the beauty, elegance, and bold presence of Black People. Art saved me from life’s trauma.  My mission is to give Black People images of themselves they can look up to.