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Debbie La Pratt Art

Debbie’s work is an Architectural must-look,  each piece of art is a historic treasure.  Hot out of the kiln Debbie pottery is capturing history from iconic Architectural elements found thew the  CITY OF DETROIT.  I honor some of the most interesting and  Archicture from the City of Detroit.   Such as the Michigan Centeral Station, J L Hudson’s many historical parts thew out the City.  The Detroit has so much to offer in Art and Archicture.    I am creating the Debbie La Pratt experence.

I have created art for over 35 yrs started doing Ceramic Villages, which turned into a complete light house collection.   I advanced into my  creating historical archictural  from Detroit Archicture .

My Art is created from the orginial part of the Archicture off buildings in the city each tile is hand casted to create a look of orginials art in the city.   Each tile is glazed and placed into the kiln for a period of over  24 hrs, the kiln goes to over 2000 degrees.  When tiles are completed they have the look of organic orginials .  To create a orginial look each tile is hand signed with a finger print alson with my signiture on each tile to create a unique style.     I say LOOK UP LOOK DOWN LOOK ALL AROUND YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL SEE.    DEBBIE LA PRATT ART


Achievments & Highlights

My work has many amazing collectors over the year along with Kevin Orr now in Washington DC.   Television personalities from the Local Television Stations.   My work is hanging in the Hunt Street Police Station on Hunt and Gratiot as a tribute to the beauty of this building.  Also, a piece is hanging in the Wayne State Police Department for the fallen Police Officers threw the year.     Sadly several Police badges have been gifted to the family of Fallen Police officers thew the years.   Been published In 2022 The Art Collab Project.   Been represented on several local TV morning shows Representing my work prior to an art show thew the years.    Also, my work is in some private collectors.   Attending art shows over the years I  have been blessed with several awards from Best of Detroit to 1 place at several art fairs to name a few.  I am always grateful for anyone who collects my work over the year.     Proud to Represent the Amazing City of Detroit and all its granger with my art and many of my amazing collectors over the many years.

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