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I paint about love. Every stroke of the brush is connected, in some way, to some form of love; Self-love, love of other people, love of nature, but most importantly, love of life. The use of vibrant colors and bold shapes express my immense appreciation for beautiful, life-evolving experiences of all kinds. Each painting illustrates the growth and expansion that is experienced in each of our lives as human beings, women being the most familiar and fascinating to me. The journey from confusion and sorrow to peace and joyfulness is a long but very gratifying process that we are all on, in some stage or another. My art, abstract and visual, conveys the journey of life, love, and womanhood at all its different levels, while adding bold colors, and eye-seducing shapes for viewer appeal.

Each stage of growth evokes a new level of confidence, a new step added to the ladder of internal happiness, which affects all aspects of our lives. We walk differently, we talk differently, we even look different….this is all due to love. Every hurdle jumped, every goal accomplished, and every setback received all exist because of love. When I paint, I channel whatever level of internal confidence and happiness I am on at the moment. Sometimes my paintings are full of strength, intensity, sensuality, and beauty. Other times, I convey more confusion, frustration, and doubt in my work. The art is to be fully aware of the differences of those feelings and to use that awareness as a tool to convey the message of the piece. That is the purpose of my art….to love the journey and all the stages of it.