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Fluff Punk is an independent freelance art business that makes art for the inner weird art kid in us all. Started by Chyna Jones, a self proclaimed “weirdo”, Fluff Punk operates in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, a hot spot for urban creatives much like herself. Fluff Punk specializes in a wide variety of handmade and digital media, such as: – Doll Making/Figure Making – Digital and Traditional Illustration – Felting/fiber work -Plushie Making – Zine Making – Crafts, etc. Fluff Punk’s goal is to make artwork for anyone that has ever felt like an outsider, and to make art as accessible as possible.

“I am a doll maker at heart. Professionally, I’ve been making dolls for 10 years, starting in my high school fibers class. Realistically, I’ve been making dolls since I was in grade school. My dolls range from a wide array of media, from cloth dolls, felted dolls, clay figurines, and to experimental 3D printed dolls. Most if not all of the clothing my dolls wear are handmade, specifically to each doll’s personality. My favorite part of my process is giving my dolls faces. Faces are the element that gives my dolls life! And after that, everything else, like hair and clothing, comes together naturally. I love going for bright, bold, and exciting designs for my dolls. If my dolls don’t have a statement piece on them, then something feels off! I tend to lean toward moody or really cutesy personalities for my dolls, but go to pain-staking lengths to make each and every one original!”

“I consider myself a self taught illustrator. I’ve gained skills in both traditional and digital media, with my traditional media skills ranging from sketch work to painting in both acrylic and watercolor. My main drawing subject is women; women in fantastical situations, moody women, women embracing their bodies and sexuality, crass women, edgy women, etc. I also emphasize my style by drawing in pink-scale; I find pink not only an eye-catching and soothing color, but as a color of rebellion and intensity. I use shades of pink as either a color scheme or as a focal color. Its actually the main color of my branding as Fluff Punk”.


Achievments & Highlights

  • Started my own independent art business, “Fluff Punk”