Artist Bio

Randall Bruder joined the Good Done Daily team in 2014, after graduating from the College for Creatives Studies in Detroit. He has a simple career goal: make cool things. And, he gets to do that at Good Done Daily.

In the past, he has worked with Andy on many projects for D:hive, from lo-fi tear off posters, to high-tech interactive tourist mapping systems. He planned a design scavenger hunt utilizing Detroit’s People Mover. He designed a typeface, then made it available exclusively as letterpress wood type. He made a ridiculous data visualization book with his roommate, and somehow got it on For Print Only. He’s one of the founding members of the Detroit Space Program. And, he invented the word Rescienanthrotology.

He approaches design with a sense of play. Through a rigorous process of divergent and differential exploration, built on a foundation of research and ethnography, unexpected and creative design solutions arise. But, you have to have fun with it.

Achievments & Highlights

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