Artist Bio

Christoper Newman, who works under the moniker sadboymommyissues, is a self-taught visual artist from Detroit by way of Queens, New York. He is depressed. He is an addict. He needs you to see his flaws. 

Dealing with themes of addiction, mental illness, and masculinity his largely autobiographical work consists of crude child-like drawings often accompanied by written commentary. With a primary focus on letterpress and silkscreen, Chris reproduces hand drawn scribbles that depict the sad reality of hypocrisy, irony, and humor in society and within his own twisted mind.

Achievments & Highlights



2017     Finalist in Power of the Press Festival

2017    Ocelot Print Shop Incinerator Show

2017     Ocelot Member Show

2018    Ocelot Members Show

2019    Public Pool – Night of 1000 Cocks

2019    Dirty Show XX

2019    KO Gallery Solo Show “The Good Ol’ Days Were Mostly Bad”

2019    West Grand Gallery Works

2019    Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery “555” Exhibit

2019    Damned XII

2019    Ocelot Member Show

2020    Dirty Show 21

2020    U Up? 

2020 Movin’ Pictures 7



Signal Return, Detroit

Oliver Taubman, NYC

Will Raphaelson, Washington D.C.

Will Arnett, LA

Riyadh Ramili, Germany