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Artist Bio

I am driven by a genuine passion for manifesting awe-inspiring and psychologically empowering pieces of art. Based on my life as person who has had to find power through loss and peace through discomfort.  Primarily raised by my grandparents, losing my youngest brother and mother to cancer in my mid-teens were and still is the primary fuel to the fire that I use to push myself to create and provide for my family through art alone. What inspires my psyche is a need to do and be greater for myself and those around me who I in-turn inspire and motivate. My artistic inspiration derives from the aesthetics and cultures of ancient Egypt, India, and Japan. I take those inspirations and combine them with the philosophies I’ve learned and developed, to create the images I do to this day.
My goal is to be in a position where I can empower and enable other artists of various mediums to create without bounds through the 3 art galleries that I aim to open in my hometown of Detroit, then Los Angeles, and Tokyo. I recognize that for me to receive the blessings and opportunities I seek to redistribute in forms of knowledge/funding/opportunity, I must recruit those of a like-mind and aid those with a like-spirit. Doing so will all but guarantee success and generational prosperity for the teams I am part of, and help build.
Along with fine art and creative direction, my other areas of expertise include: Mural and Large Scale Painting/Live Entertainment Painting/Communications/Team and Project Management/Social Media Marketing/Graphic Design/Mentoring/Art Teaching/Culinary Arts