Room Project Fellowships – Winter 2020

January 19, 2020 - January 31, 2020

Fellowships will begin in February and include three months of membership, one writing workshop, a final reading for the fellows, and a small honorarium of $200 to help each of our fellows with submission and application fees, materials, books or other writing-related necessities. Fellows will also program one event at Room Project revolving around literature, skill-sharing, criticism or professional development. Apps are due by midnight on Friday,  January 31st.
+ If you are a woman, non-binary or trans writer of color, please consider applying. Learn more here:
+ If you have friends in the Detroit area that might benefit from a fellowship, pass this email along to them.
+ If you don’t live in Detroit, if you are a dude, if you are a white woman, please consider sponsoring an applicant who can’t afford membership. Many womxn and nonbinary folks will apply for this fellowship who cannot afford to become a member and won’t get a fellowship. We want to be able to sponsor folks who want to be here anyway. For $30, $40 or $50 a month, you can make that happen. Fill out the attached form for a monthly deduction OR make a lump 6 month or 1 year donation here¬†(donations made through our fiduciary, Allied Media Projects, are tax deductible).

applicable to artists working in these mediums:

About Room Project

Located at 6513 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Room Project is a space for women and non-binary writers and artists to work individually and collaboratively. We are unique in that we ask our members to engage with each other around their artistic practices as a point of membership.

At Room Project we recognized a need for intersectional creative community in Detroit and responded with a call for women and non-binary writers to move their artistic practices into a (semi) public sphere.

We offer a place for new and seasoned writers alike; for people with defined creative projects, and those whose ambitions are still evolving. At Room Project, you will find an alliance of thinking, working peers in a context where support, safety, and focus can flourish. Access for all is the top priority.